Fighter Jet WIP

As i have started learning some better techniques in modelling i am improving my fighter jet model which i posted earlier. The colors that you see are not the actual ones. They are just the viewport colors applied to differentiate parts of the plane.
Have a look and pl give feedback and tips. :slight_smile:

P.S. Subdivision surface modifier not applied.

Looks a good clean mesh to me and a good F14 model .

Thanx a lot buddy :slight_smile:

I’ve always been an F-14 fan, the model looks very clean. Now it would be great to see some renders without the wireframe. Keep on the good job

The final render of my plane. I started a new thread for this but it did not pass through moderators. I have no idea why.

This is the viewport setup of the render.

Tips and comments appreciated.

Very nice! Always loved the Tomcat.

If your aim is to make a realistic Tomcat then you have a way to go yet , I don’t wish to be negative but there are some changes needed .If it’s just a rough look alike , fine.
The structure where the fuselage meets the trailing edge of the wing is wrong. You would need to see a model or photos to understand how it goes. The other stand out item is the soft rounded thickness of the wing trailing edge . Needs to be thin and sharp. The panel lines look way too big and dark.

In the initial wires post I didn’t realise where you were going wrong - sorry.