Fighter jet

A plane I’m making for a Halo CE map. What is the problem with the rear wings? Thanks


I think the problem with the rear wings has to do with the face normals. Recalculate all the normals for the model, and see if that fixes it.
Other than that, it looks pretty good. I like it.

You might have two overlapping planes on each tail.
This will cause your model to render with a fair bit of distortion where those planes intersect.

If you delete the offending planes and model those sections with a single plane you won’t have that problem!

Let me know if that helps.

it appears you have accidentally duplicated the rear wings and now have two sets sharing the same space, which leads to ‘z-fighting’, which is the graininess you see. if they are part of the same objects, select all in edit mode and ‘remove doubles’
(edit) or select a single vertex, then ctrl L ( select linked ) and delete, repeating on both sides.

Thank you, it worked.

i really like the front of it the back engines could be some a bit more cool but overal it is good project.

Brilliant! :smiley:
Looks like we all came up with the same solution at once.