Fighter plane


@Modron : thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Entering the hard phase, with four minutes or five for each texture opening in Photohsop. A nightmare, but it is not the moment to let it fail… It is really hard to stay motivated with few time and so much things to do on model and textures.

As I have not yet finished renders with textures, quick renders compositing (full size here : full size image)

Thanks for viewing and comment

Hi @Ookka, amazing work as usual…I know exactly what you mean, I’m right there at the moment. I haven’t touched the F-16 since last year and I don’t have much time to dedicate to carry on working on it at the moment, the only time that I have worked on it took me around a couple of hours to get back on the groove of working in Blender :(.

I know it’s hard but you are almost done.

Nice model and render. It reminds me of chinese jh-7 fighter bomber.


thanks AlfaChino. I have searched for JH-7 images after your reply and you are right there is something, even if this plane was not an inspiration for me. It looks good !

I will soon go back to this one to finish texturing.

Thanks again.

awesome concept. i like the two seater. it is also a great advantage in dogfight, four eyes can see more than two. the tailconcept is cool. this thing might be able to land even with half of the tail shot away. one thing to mention: the engines air-intake seems too small for the outtake.

Hi ookka, what camera lens did you used, the plane looks unusually long.
Maybe it just me getting used to the Mig’s and Su’s look.

Your work is superb keep it up!


not sure if I should revive this - zombie - topic or create a new one, but as it is the same project… But I don’t manage to update the first post image, maybe because it is a five years old post… If anyone have an idea ? I have found few hours to keep up the work on it. A lot of thing are always on the three-years-old to-do-list :slight_smile: (texturing pilots and cockpit, weathering on all parts etc.).

I hope I won’t be able to post the next update in 2025 !

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I just found the “progressive refine” check box and reduce time of render from hours to minutes : I had not figure that I could have could result with 200 samples before :confused:

Just tweaked some details and try some renders. Still working on textures.