Orginal Concept:

You can find orginal resolotion in:

My latest project, I still couldn’t reach the quality I wanted, but I’m still happy with the result …

I use the GTX 1080TI, but the details on his skin slow the processing very much. Maybe it’s the resolution. :upside_down_face:
It was his hair that pushed me the most and I wanted to play with him a bit.
Happy Blenders. :pizza:
And I can’t find how to make good background, for wallpaper :sweat_smile: PLS help… I need this on my desktop background



This is Incredible. Great work on the cloth, specifically.

THX dude…

great work! Many fine details, even little Hairs on the Skin :+1:
As for the Background, I would choose something simple. Maybe a blue sky, Cherry blossom in the wind and some white fluffy clouds. :herb:

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wow, would like to dress her on marvelous designer !

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

OMG thx Bart. I always wanted this. :partying_face:

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Hey man really nice work! I love the skin and the hair. The skin looks procedural is it not? If you could, would it be possible to give a bit of a breakdown on how you did the materials? I’m making a character right now and struggling a bit.

Great hair texture and model, really impressive; I know how hard it is to make.

Beautiful work! love the hair color variations.

@Soranin422 ı try in this night make breakdown.
@mookie3d 1.5 full days on the weekend
@killbourne THX man. best white for me :slight_smile:

I love the Realism, by chance would you like to help me with my model for a 1 minute animation short if so contact me at [email protected].

Here’s a photo of my concept art of my character.

Quite Original right. Hopefully You would enjoy this.

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Hi i sended mail.

Got it Covered See you on discord.

Sorry if i told bad.

This is my Render Settings, Rig, Opengl

I using autorig and adaptive subdivision
Sometimes I used eevee. It actually makes workflow very easy.

Skin Shader

Color, SSS, Normal, Extra gloss shader for wet


I used Marvelous Desinger for Upper cloth and Bandages and make little sculpt.
used adaptive subdivion for bandages and have very hight polygon.
Have standart fabric texture… used concrate texture and “Color Ramp” for blood and I painted mask in blender for wet map.
Green cloth tear painted in Blender.


Hair Principle Shader used. “Hair Info > Random” for white and yellow hairs. I used a lot of parts to make it easy to control.
Haha and ı am only maked front hair. because this is very hard :smile:


Thank you, you are amazing! This is really helpful. Have a good day mate :smiley:

Amazing It remind’s me of Tifa.

Hey, can I see the raw texture maps?


nice! what was the route for the hair? are they cards?

I love her face so much! The hair looks absolutely nice. You did such a good work!

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