Fighting Game Sneak Peak

Hey, everyone, i havent posted in here in a while, its really hard to finish finish a good, long, high quality game. I’m making a new fighting game named “PhilCalubur” which the characters are going to be me and my friends. I think it’s easy to showcase blender’s capabilities with a short highquality game rather than a long one.

PhilCalubur evolved from an older game I made along time ago, Toaster and Hotdog Fight if you remember.

Old Game

New Game

thanks for the camera script blengine! :smiley:

Peek is spelled p-e-e-k, not p-e-a-k :wink:

Looks pretty good, but it seems like there’s kinda an excessive amount of blood. I mean… a punch… and there’s enough blood to fill a bucket. Doesn’t really make me want to play it.


Huh? Where’s the url???

No pics, no pics! I CAN’T SEE THE PICS!!!..


hey, pooba, then I guess you were never a Mortal Combat fan %| , except for the GOREless SNES version… (MK1 I think it was… :slight_smile: )

i wanna see the pics! :smiley:

copy the url u lazy bum >=|

No Pic No URL to copy, no go looky see %|

I edited the post so that there are links you can copy and paste above the pictures

Yes, there is an excessive amount of blood, but I think it’s kinda cool, it makes the game more “dramatic”

right click on the [x] -> properties -> URL

dum dum dummmm~

Wow, It looks pretty cool, except how about image-mapped faces with image maps of your friends faces? And that game looks a bit like it would be rated M. :stuck_out_tongue:


Make it ridiciously bloody, that would be hillarious (my oppinion anyway…) :wink:

Good work tho, looking nice!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Looks like it’s gonna be BLOODY fun, :slight_smile:

and… NO NEED TO CALL ME DUMMMMM… :expressionless: I just tend to… forget about copy&paste… :smiley:

are we gonna play against a fancy AI, a dumb AI (like my games that I never dare post), or are we going to have to fight sharing our keyboards with a mate?.. or wHUT!?

looks awesome! the blood gives it a nice touch, its great! wooo!!! gore and violence!!! BRAGHH!!! :< But its missing something…i think you should bring the hotdog back and make him one of the characters…you could have mustard fly off of him when he gets hit!

lemmy: imaged-mapped faces?, im not sure if thats a question, but i used a digital camera to take pictures of our faces from a few angles and modified them with GIMP

Fred_Pyo: i’m not sure if i was going to have much AI, if i do, it wont be very good, but player 1 uses keyboard and player 2 uses a 3 button mouse and 1 keyboard button for special.

TommorrowMan: totally, i think i’m gonna put the toaster and hotdog into this game too, maybe as secret characters, the toaster shoots toast and the hotdog throws ketchup and onions, you can DL it at