Figurines [3D Printing Project]

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I am curious to the legal aspect of this project.

You created the models alright, but I would wonder if Mojang doesn’t have the mobs trademarked, or secured the rights for selling Minecraft merchandise… after all you’re trying to make profit with them.

EDIT: I just read that notch forbids to use “Minecraft” in 3rd party merchandise. I also read that you can contact him to approve your stuff…

Better check it out if you already haven’t else all your revenue belongs to Monjang along with a penalty fee.


Yes good points all round.
There are other places/companies (see minetoys) which have been doing this very same thing for quite some time without issues (and have been quite successful), I have looked into this somewhat, but may have to a bit more.

Just because they haven’t been “cought” yet doesn’t mean it’s legal - and maybe they got a green light from Mojang.
I think the figurines are awesome, I am a huge MC fan, I just don’t want to see a fellow Blenderhead having to pay back all his reveneue, spent or not, and get a penalty on top. :slight_smile:

hey i like all the vids and how u make the sweet stuff like my favorite the wolf but i think the prices are a little r a little high

sticker printing

copyrights, trademarks are funny because all the big corporations steal from each other on a regular basis if you look into how much they get sued daily youll understand. Even apple stole the iphone lol. But anyways in games one of the easiest ways of getting around it if you notice there is like high end cars in games but they just give them a diff name and bam there goes the legal aspects out of using thier trademarked/copyrighted item. unless you want to try to contact the company and get permission but knowing the greedy aspect of most people they will say no so i would just change the name around and maybe just add your own style to the way they look so they dont look like 100% copies and i dont know how they could even have a case. I am wondering though are you using a high end 3D printer or which one are you using. Im about to buy one of the 600 dollar ones that i can put in my house though i know they arent perfect yet soon they will be in all our houses once they work out all the kinks of making them for your average home.