File Append.

OK, here my prob. I wrote not to long ago about appending files. Got a great answer, but now I need more depth to it. I am modelling a heavy industry cam shaft grinder which has about 500 parts in 23 different .blend files. I’m ready to combine all the individual parts of the model for final setup and rendering, but I have encountered a problem and wonder if I’m missing somehting. When I shift-F1 (append menu) and navigate to the relevent .blend file, I am forced to select each and every object individually. That ain’t good, seeing how all my .blend files are made up of so many pieces. My question is this:

Is it possible to append an entire .blend object catagory at once? And, if so; how? 

Thanks for the help, and I’ll be patienly ammending individual files till I hear something. :frowning:

just shift right click if you want to append multiple objects, also i think you can append a whole layer, though i must confess i have never tried.

Just figured it out, modran. I was just coming back to try and erase this. :smiley: Blender is a great piece of software, but it can be a bit much to wrap your brain around in the beginning! Thanks for you time, man! Take care.