File Question

I have a bit of a problem. While creating a scence, I managed to turn an important object irreversably into a cube. Fortunatly, I have another save file with the mesh that I need still on it. Since I can’t simply switch to the other file since it is aprox 6 hours to recreate everything else, how to I copy the mesh that I want from one blender file onto another?

From the file menu choose append.

Right, so it says that I’ve loaded the “library” of all of the mesh in that file. How do I get it into my 3d window?

Don’t append the Mesh, append the OBJECT.


Ok. so I’ve apended the object. where is it? its not in the 3d.


Probably on the same layer it was on in the home file. Open your Outliner Window and look for it there. If you have the OOPS as default in the outliner then goto View >> Show Outliner. In the header you can set it to show the whole scene.


Ok, I got it after telling it to put it into the current layer. thx