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Hi all.
In my company we usually develop a quantity of small utility for Blender, We decided to polish a little bit more this addon that can actually help a lot of people on managing better the texture file path, especially in complex situations.

Please feel free to report any bug or suggestion in this topic.



Hello, my scene has many different texture directories. Is it possible to change only the root directory for all textures at once?
It looks the only thing you can do, is to set a fixed path.

Hi Max! Interesting tool! Does the texture backup and move to one folder function works with linked textures? (and even linked textures nested in linked assets?)

atm you can copy the textures from K to L.

But we can look into it :slight_smile:

linked textures from other files?

yes. Let’s say I have a material in the scene which is using textures that are linked from other files. Or for example, if I have a linked asset that includes materials and the textures are in the original asset file.

In such cases, is this addon able to take those textures and back them up into a folder or it works just with the datablocks that are “physically” in the project file where I am using the plugin?

I hope I was clear enough, it’s a bit hard to explain :smiley:

yeah, it that case you should relink from the original file source. since the linked data are not editable directly.

thanks for the info! Blend file utiles was able to deal with such situations. That’s why I loved it and it came bundled in 2.79. Unfortunately for now it’s not in 2.8. I hope someone can bring that kind of functionality in 2.8. blink blink :smiley:

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This is really helpful for switching between larger and smaller files easily and precisely. Great work.

The only thing I find limiting is that if my textures are in the same folder, I can’t change their folders individually, per texture.


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so you mean select a single texture and specify the a new location?

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Yes, exactly.

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