filename.blend"> unpack: to "filename/Texture"?

how can i make blender unpack all its files into a folder with the same name as the blend file?
for example_
desktop/abc.blend -> unpack >desktop/abc/Textures
instead of
desktop/abc.blend -> unpack >desktop/Textures

Might be a good feature to add as default option to along the 4 alternatives in “files>external data>Unpack into Files”?

there is an optin to unpack in local folder
and this will create a sub folder calle texture and put the pack images there


hmm… thats what “desktop/abc.blend -> unpack >desktop/Textures” does?:confused:

The reason im asking is because I am doing a backup and i have a lot of blend files in the same directory/folder. And instead of manually create and name folders for every single blend file.(to make it structured after i unpack them all) I need it to create a folder with the name of the blend, and in that folder put the Texture folder.

Edit: Just like winrar have “unpack to ‘filename’”:RocknRoll: