Filling in a Circle? (Pixar Eye, BlenderChar tut)

Ok, i am using the blenderchar… character as a refrence to the little guy i am making. Hes got a head, and not i am working on the big eye.
Note: Tutorial located at …

A.) First, i made a big UVsphere for the eye, same for the cornea, i shrunk it down full scale, and also on the Y scale to give make it a bit thinner. I preportionally(sp lol?) moved the center outside out a bit on the cornea, for a bit of a point.
B.) I then copied it twice, one for each part behind the cornea.
C.) I cut the iris in half, and cut the middle out of it, to give it a concave hollow circle look thingy… lol.
D.) I then cut everything but the circle out of the pupil part, i know i coulda done a circle but thats besides the point lol.

Now for the moment, that is where i am, but i ran into a little weird stumbling block. I cannot fill in the circle to make it black. How is this done? I am pretty sure i can extend vertice to the center, then one by one make faces leading to each outside vertice. But is this the best way? Again, i am in my ever question, for the best ways to do little things in question. No matter how big or small lol.

Also, sidenote, the tutorial says to make the pupile black and add the shadeless button, where is it located lol? Thanks!

You can fill in the hole for the pupil by selecting the verts around its edge and extruding them to the center to 0.000 then remove doubles. The important thing is that if you want the pupil to be shadeless you need to make it a seperate material (search, it’s been explained 5 times in the last month and it’s in the docs). Shadeless is in the Materials tab in F5.


Yeah, everything Fligh% said is correct. I followed the same tutorial last Christmas and came up with image attached. In other words the tutorial does work.

The only I had trouble with was the iris depth, it wouldn’t sit right. So I used a tube instead to get the iris image to sit right. Then it worked just fine. I also found the UVsphere gave me an egg shape eyeball, so I used a lattice to make it round. I see you scaled the Y axis, thats a good tip I will keep that in mind for next time.

another way to fill the circle is a new (i believe) feature- you can automatically fill a two dimensional polygon by selecting all the applicable vertices, and hit shift-F. but the method described by Fligh % works as well. just another way to do it.

ya extruding it is what i did… well the same end result, just 10x easier lol. I extended a vert to the center (highlighted all, curser->selection, extend vert, extended vert -> curser) lol.

Extruding all of them is way easier lol.