Filling large holes in a 3D scxanned object

Hey all, I am trying to create a model for 3D printing. I am building from a 3D scan of a statue, then taking one part of the statue and separate it from the other. I’ve managed to do that, but it leaves a big hole in the mesh. Think of a scan of someone leaning against a wall; when you take away the wall, the remaining scan will have big holes where the two objects touched. Assuming that I can’t just chop the statue in half and rescan, what is the easiest way to fill the holes and repair the object?

I have tried selecting vertices and adding faces, but that got complex because, like most 3D scans, the model is complex and has a lot of vertices close to each other. This meant that there were overlapping faces and other problems that meant the object was not watertight.

Any thoughts?

did you try using n-gons? ( faces with more than 4 vertexes )

make an n-gon and convert it to quads? Or reduce the complexity of the mesh?

I had not heard of n-gons. I shall look into them and get back to you. Thanks!

I will raise the topic. I have a 3D scan. How to fill the hole on the back? What would be the network was similar in density and triangles

I can select edges by press Alt and click LBM, then press F, Ctrl+T

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For this type of patch work, I will just add another object and I’ll use sculpt tools to get it to match, then I’ll use a bool or just do a quick hand retopo. Which doing a hand retopo may seem like more work but it can be far less than you think if you know how to use the modifier stack and are cool with subpar topology.

YES! That’s it! just tried it in a big hole I had in my mesh and it’s all neat now! Thank you!