Filling Nurbs Curves

Hi there.

I’m having problems filling nurbs curves. I have 2 created in edit mode, I have the rotation right and I’m trying to fill them so I can play with the surface that’s created. I don’t get the same as in any of the tutorials I’ve seen. I don’t get a surface, it just joins one of the start/end pairs.

The must have been some changes since the tutorials I’ve found and version 2.71 as is just doesn’t work the same way. Can someone please let me know how to achieve this now in the latest version?


Come on, you know the drill: Screenshots? Blend file?
From your vague description I would guess the curves are set to “3D” instead of “2D”…

You need NURBS surface curves from ADD/SURFACE/NURBS CURVE, not NURBS curves from ADD/CURVE/Nurbs curve.
Yes, it’s a technicality… But now it’s another thing you know!

Ikari, sorry I didn’t think a whole file and screen shots would be needed for something I thought would be so simple.

Dru, thank you. You have shown me the error of my ways! It is another thing I will now remember! :o)

YOU have to have 2D selected to get the solid fill.