Filmic and live action footage

So, you work in filmic. You import live footage action in the compositor but filmic gets applied on the live action footage, which makes no sense. How can I avoid that?

I can’t set the color management to standard because if I import the 3D renders, there’s no filmic option in the color space options.

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I don’t think you can avoid Filmic in a particular file, like using a colorspace node. Working across multiple softwares and files from different sources it’s better to keep your Blender workflow in standard color management to avoid those kind of problems. With ACES, headaches are even bigger. If you still want filmic you can get similar results using tonemap node, yet there’s a big discussion and opnions about that.

At the office we are setup in ACES and it’s actually much better because everything from a to z is in ACES, from rendering to compositing. Filmic is a LUT, not a color space. That’s the real problem I think.

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I often confuse since it is displayed in view transform tab, but you are right.

Yes, Filmic is indeed a display LUT. Its not designed for compositing. And Blender doesn’t really make external media conform to linear AFAIK. Ideally I guess, you’d want the compositor OR the texture node to reverse what ever gamma (and color changes) are baked into those clips. But I recommend DM’ing Troy S at his web page or on Twitter about details. Troy is the one that implemented Filmic for display and exporting media that isn’t linear from Blender.