Final Fantasy 6: How to Beat MagicMaster?

I respect your opinium about the manga feeling, but for me it’s exactly the oposite, I love the feeling it has :slight_smile: besaids the characters are from Tetsuya Nomora, my favourite character designer… Humm! about him some couriosity that you guys may have miss:
Shadow and Setzer Gabbiani were the only characters that weren’t draw by Yoshitaka Amano and guess who was, non other Tetsuya Nomura :slight_smile:

Also do you guys know that before FF7 square made a 3dCGI test with FF6 characters, using SGi Onix workstations… being this the very first try of Square in the 3D…

It was ment for N64 but later they used the tecnology for the FMV in FF7 for Playstation :smiley:

WOW! There’s a beatenup of FF6!!?

As far as a remake goes, I know they did a FF7 tech demo for the PS3, but other than that I couldn’t say for sure.
Apparently Square Enix said they’re considering it after finishing all the 13s

@ Zarnik: Not cool man, just not cool. So far I’ve finished FF7, Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus as well as watching AC. Seriously, it really does improve the experience because in each one you learn more and more about the story behind the original as well as expanding upon it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love FF7. But not the prequels and the sequels…they are just animes.
This is what I don’t like:
THis is what I like, yeah bad OWNAGE!
I’m not a fan of the emo cloud, and the bad DoC that is all. Sephiroth in AC is awesome though, but he was awesome in the game as well :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah I have to say that I interpretted Cloud’s personality as insecure and geeky in FF7 - and it never occured to me that he was emo - and so he never was… to me -

I mean there was the part at the very end where -after he drops his Jacky persona - and starts acing like himself again, where he’d say something trying to be cool and acting like the leader but there is an awkard silence following it like for instance right before you fight Sephiroth I beleive he says something like “Giddyup” or something like that. That doesn’t sound like an emo person to me. It sounds like a young guy trying to impress his friends but not quite knowing how to do it so he says something corney instead.

So thats why to me, Cloud was not emo - but instead he was awkward and sincere. That’s how I took it. Only the Jacky persona was him trying to be cool. But even the Jacky persona wasn’t emo. Jacky was just hardcore.

So I suppose for a similar reason I don’t accept the emo interpretations of his character. I mean Squall was emo. Not Cloud. Mmmkay? :cool:

And I never liked Squall. Not for one minute.

I mean cloud was one of those people who seems cooler than they actually are from a distance. Then once you get to know them you realize they are just as geeky as you are. But that’s what makes them even cooler. The insecurity. Emos are just… bleh… self absorbed… and that was not Cloud.

Personally, I thought they were both really good characters.
Besides, introversion can be good (unless it’s taken to the complete extreme)

Squall is my favourit character from PSX final fantasys because I relate with him quite substantialy.
From the SNES are the brothers Edgar Roni Figaro and Sabin Rene Figaro, I just love them :yes:

I can respect that you like Squall - but not me :smiley:

My fav FF characters =

Terra’s cool too =)

I thought of Cloud as somewhat dark and moody compared to the other characters. Especially when he did the shoulder hunch. I wasn’t shocked to see him act the way he did in Advent Children. I was shocked by the fact that they threw in a random story line without explaining much though. I know the story and even I felt a little alienated.

Yeah, but about FF3-6. Just level up at the part where you are on the raft, and you never have to worry about anything.:wink:

lol I already beat the game - I’m now playing Lufia 2 !

Final party on Kefka’s tower =

Left Side : Shadow
Middle : Celes + Terra
Right: Gogo