final fantasy particle lifestream appearance

its me again,

with another FF AC question, how can i make the particles look like the lifestream? and that they move similar.

i know that it is possible becaues of this:

(the second one, with blue and white, not the flames)

so what would the setting be like to make this look like that?

i greatly appreciate any help:)

If you’re planning on making… yet another sequel to FF VII… I’ll gladly be of assinstance… even though I’m a n00b :stuck_out_tongue: If you make any progress in how they did it… please let me know how… I’d love to reach that level someday(dream on daniel, dream on…)… at the moment… I don’t know how they did it… alas… but I do seem to have found a match in my admiration for they animations of FF VII AC and FF TSW

I’ve tried collisions and can only get them to come back down with that. Any suggestions? That page shows it is possible.