Final Rendering

Hi guys I am trying to finish of my scene which is due on monday evening latest, I was just about to render (internal renderer) my FINAL scene at 11AO, 1770*1152, 75% Quality and BLENDER crashes!:frowning: I mean I have the scene that looks alright on crappy quality, but i want to render it high res so I can photoshop it a bit. I dont want to use YafRAy because It would mean that I’ll have to change the whole lighting setup, and every time I try exporting it to Indigo it says “Error- The scen must contain at least 1 light source”, but I already have a light source and dont understand what does it want from me…:eek:

I am not sure how would my scene look in Indigo, but I’d take that as an option, but the perfect solution would be to render it with Blender Internal rendering engine, which I did before and was very happy with the result.

Any advice guys? It rendered fine on 1180*768 at 8AO, 75% Quality in about 15-20 minutes, so how can I render it high res properly and how can I get rid of the Indigo light source error? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! (my rig: Q6600 Quad 2.4 Ghz, 2GB 800Mhz Ram P5N32-E Motherboard I think that’s all that matters)

Here’s my scene at 1180*768 8AO, 75% Quality:

My guess would be your memory usage, Blender will crash if it runs out of memory. You could try using AAO instead of AO, although that may not fix the problem.

As for Indigo not getting any lights, it will only recognize sunlamps or mesh lights, which can be set in Blendigo.

If it is a memory problem you can get around it by using a script. Its called “Really big render”, have a search for it.

Thanks guys. Hunter - the Really Big Render script is exactly what I need, thanks a lot. I didn’t try it on my scene yet, but I’m pretty sure it’ll work out fine. Really saved my ass there mate! :slight_smile: