Final teaser of the fight sequence for scene G-1 of Giants in the Earth

Here is the “final” teaser of the action sequence for Scene G1 of Giants in the Earth

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Kinda went into Kratos mode in that room, huh?

Funny thing is - until about 8 months ago I had never heard about Kratos – as it is I have only seen a few Youtube clips and thought to myself “damn – they stole my character!”

You too?! I had the same idea with a fusion between X and Zero from the Megaman X Franchise I called it Absolute Zero. Then came Megaman X Command Mission and there it was. Absolute Zero was in the game. During that time in high school, I thought that Capcom somehow was probing my brain.

truth is – my character has nothing to do with Kratos and really barely resembles him except with color --all that worries me though is everyone is going to think I am a God of War fanboy, which I am not. (I have nothing against GoW – just never played it. I love the brutal kills on YT though)

I know that, because I’ve been watching the whole thing from the start. When I said that he went into “Kratos Mode” I was talking about the way he was fighting. Maybe I should have explain myself a bit more on the first post.

I wasn’t worried. In some ways it’s a complement.