Final words from female WIP

(garbager) #1

I’m sorry I have to stop here to start an animation project (unfortunately not done with Blender, as it hasn’t got the bones and dynamic features I’m looking for (but if the development start again and Blender improves in this area, I’ll install it immediately :slight_smile:

So here’s was the challenge : showing to people believing the more expensive the more efficient, that there’s no bad tool, only bad artisan[/img]

(rogerm3d) #2

what about armatures for animating it?

(garbager) #3

I stopped especially, cause the complexity of the mesh didn’t allow me to work properly with armature. If the mesh is too dense, the weighting isn’t very effective and the settings can’t be smooth.

(blengine) #4

wait wait wait…before u stop working on her… please please please please shrink her down! shes sooooo long, lol =) shes looking alienish… just shrink her upper torso down and widen her chest, it would look soo perfect then… try it, try it, i wanna see this perfected =(