Finally!! Im happy with my Lotus Model.

(0ptikz) #1

Some of ye may remember my lotus Model from a few weeks back…

I got a lot of comments that it looked tiny compared to the background. There were also a lot of problems with the reflection maps as well. Anyways, Im pretty sure I have solved all of that now:

Comments and crits?

(BgDM) #2


Only crit is the tires. They seem too plastic looking. Typical Blender though. Maybe it’s just because there is no tread on them. Also, (just noticed), where are the breaks?

Excellent render.


(paradox) #3

Excellent, it is so coool. I agree with BgDM though on the tires (no treads)
would make the car hard to drive. But overall very nice car and render.

(0ptikz) #4

Ahhhh…Good question :stuck_out_tongue: I have no idea!

(adyus) #5

wow…WOW! cool. one question though: how did you make the background? those trees look kool to me

(0ptikz) #6

I didn’t make the background. Its a photo.

If you want to know how its done take a look at the blend file here:

Ignore the tute and check the .blend

(Bentagon) #7

can’t see the pics on your tutorial :frowning:

(valarking) #8

(Dittohead) #9

Nice, Very nice!! 8) 8) 8)

you have alota talent!!!

(BaDbOyHeRe) #10

I think you left your lights on.

I really like the decals.


(S68) #11

/me agrees with ValarKing


(basse) #12

wow. how did you make it shinysofty like that?


(kos) #13

nice thingie.but i think you used some triangular faces in the frontal side of the car mesh.that is why it looks some kinda bumpy…a very little though.its quite a nice one overall.i give you 7.5 out of 10. :slight_smile:

(0ptikz) #14

The reason it looks bumpy is due to the reflection map, not tri faces :smiley:

Thanks for the 7.5 tho :slight_smile:

(0ptikz) #15

Very easy to do. Open the image in photoshop, duplicate the layer, apply a gaussian blur, then set the layer type as lighten.

You can use the Gimp for this too…

(theeth) #16

jaw dropping!

the lack of brakes could pass, but the lack of threads on the tires doesn’t… -1 for you :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, where do I have to sign to get mine?! :slight_smile:


(Alltaken) #17

i ain’t complaining.

i think its at least a 9 out of ten if not 9.5

sory but i removed .5 because i feel the shadow it too harsh and square edged

very nice model etc…

(stephen2002) #18

looks very nice. A few things could be improved:

soften the shadow
add some treads to the tires and tweak the material
post on CGTalk :wink: