Finally Linux Mint working on my old XPS 1710

Have to get this of my chest: took me five attempts to get Mint 14 working on my old XPS 1710 with mobile Quadro card. The main problem was getting the brightness controls to work - after two weeks of fiddling with all sorts of configurations, grub, and so forth, noting helped. I broke Mint three times. :wink: I’m a bit of a Linux noob.

I was about to give up on Linux again, and purchase a license of Win7, but today I installed Nvidia’s newest drivers: and low and behold, beautiful 1920*1200 automatic high dpi setting, with full brightness controls, and opengl working fine! Yeah, I know, I should’ve installed these earlier - but according to many articles the community drivers were supposed to be better, or at least, preferred over Nvidia’s official drivers.

Anyway, just happy that I got it to work. Looks SO much better than WinXP, and feels faster as well. Tomorrow I’ll install Blender, and see how it runs on that old dog.

welcome to heaven and later if you come back to windows you will feel like hell is warmly welcoming you back ^^