Finally, my own.

finally, im working for the next week…making aorund 300$,…and i got abit saved…which brings me too about 400-450 dollars…if i wait another 2 weeks ill have aorund 600…maybe

anywho…ive been wanting my own computer since i was like 10…and now i might finally have the chance…

So, im wondering what i should get :

OR…choose form here:éal%2FPlateau+Mont-Royal&agemax=0&distancemax=0&orderby=distance&prix_de=0&prix_a=0&annee_de=0&annee_a=0&type=0&etat=0&no_region_de=0&no_region_a=&no_region=&prio=

The first two are the ones im looking at most…and the third link are maybe ones that would be better…if you can find a decent computer under 600$ PLEASE tell me and send it with a link…i took the cheaper ones because im planning on upgrading it a lil’, like the DDR, maybe some memory,windows xp if it dont come with it…(i got the CD)and i got my geforce -gts-8600 with me

I understand a little bit about computers…i know like the genreals…but like if you start talking- - -500Go S-ATA II - Boitier Standard avec bloc d’alimentation de 500Watts Double Fan - 2Go DDR2 Kingston 800Mhz de mémoire vive - Graveur DVD LG 22X Double couche S-ATA— i have know idea wat your saying…so if you are going to suggest…explain how good it is in simpler terms…such as

Can i run blender while its render without lag (for 2.5)
how good is the multi tasking?
so on…

Also, are there different sorts of Ram? for graphics cards…theres like pc-ie and some other random [email protected]…maybe theres different ram also?..anyway thanks for looking and please understand im 15 and im not rich…yet!XD

you could build your own for that price range and hook it up with a linux distribution. That’ll maximize your $600 and blender performance! X) here’s a deal, the pro-grade is your optimal price[email protected]&spt=0#2 if the link doesn’t just tell me :wink:

…i was looking and to get something thats not too bad…it was like 850$…and i still hadn’t gotten the processor, key board, mouse…and a couple other things…thanks though…ill still be looking at it…

(im in canada BTW…so send me .ca sites…(newegg i manged to put the .ca instead of .com…but not all sites can do that)

is the prograde actually really good?..because im also a gamer…and i want a fast computer…and linux is out of the option…i want XP…lol…wats so good about linux anyway?..from what i saw it just has a bunch of random, use-once-then-get-boring apps, like wably windows…

Well, the main point in this particular case is that linux wont cost you anything,
which means more hardware for you :-). I dont think he meant “windows is bad, linux is good”, i think he meant “linux might save you some money”. It may not be the right option for a gamer though. But if you do decide to go down that road, i would say that there of course is some useless eye candy, but there are plenty of good apps for when you actually want to do real work too ;-). I could say a lot of great things about linux, but it doesn’t fit the scope of this thread.

Oh god i hope this wont turn in to a Linux vs. Windows thread now,
i would be terribly sorry to have caused such a dreadful thing :frowning:

To me this looks like a good deal for right around $600:

It looks like Costco has a presence in Canada, though not in Quebec as far as I can tell (I’m assuming from the links you sent that you’re in Quebec). So they may offer this or not. Yes, it comes with Vista but with a free upgrade to Windows 7.

I priced similar boxes at Newegg and Tiger as barebones kits and got right around the same price, and this comes with an OS and a warranty.

Have to be a member to shop at Costco.

Or have parents/friends that are members that you can talk into taking you shopping there.

Dude, your response in “gamer” terms is comparable to…

is the prograde actually really good?..because im also an it-came-together-in-the-box user…and i want an “all in one” warantee…and getting a graphics card is out of the option…i want on board…lol…wats so good about graphics cards anyway?..from what i saw it is just an extra circuit board that has its “own games”, and I probably won’t buy games that need it anyway, I’m playing ones that don’t need graphics cards now with no problems…

The fact is, Linux will do a hell of a lot more for your “fast” optimised system than just save install costs. As far as the “wably windows” go, most serious production outfits turn them off (them and some) in order to get the stable powerhouse they are wanting for their renderfarm.

Still, if you want just one computer (not doing anything like networking lots for combined tasks) and all your contacts only use Windows and you want to be able to walk in to Pak’s’Save, Savemart, Woolworths or whatever is in your local Shopping Mall to buy shelved games, I’d say Windows would be your best choice. I’ve seen serious businesses (tertiary institutions teaching 3D animation in Maya) who decided to experiment with Linux initially just to economise install costs… next thing they were reserving all those boxes exclusively for the post graduate rendering (wonder why? :eyebrowlift:). They also started (as Linux newbies) buying the expensive enterprise Linux with 24 hour on call support. Before long they found they weren’t really needing much in way of extra assistance.

@lancer, umm…ok…im not and idiot about computers…i dont want a all-in-one system cause thats kinda boring, and i already bought my own graphics card earlier…which puts you’re “comparable” just out of the option…and how does it compare to that anyway?

@lancer x2- I dont exactly need a render farm…and im not planning on making a company either.

By install costs do you mean, how much the OS will cost to buy?.cause if thats the case I already have a windows xp cd just sitting next to my screen…

Dont have to be rude…(unless i misunderstanding…)

No, I wasn’t trying to be rude (well, maybe a little).

I was saying that your statement “wats so good about linux anyway?” was based on not knowing what you were missing. I changed your wording (but kept the same logic) to deciding on getting a graphics card, in order to illustrate that your reasoning for dissing the Linux OS was kind of uninformed. There are some games only supported by WindowsOS but you’d be incorrect in thinking Linux can’t do games. As far as wanting a “fast computer” goes, comparative speed and processing power are among the reasons people turn to Linux.

But Windows is good for knowing it’ll support most off the shelf software.

But, if the computer is good enough i can partition(i think its called that) to get windows and linux depending on its “goodness”…

what are the pros and cons of linux?

anyewho…thats enough about linux…back to the actual COmputer now…:stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, you don’t know the ‘pros and cons of linux’ but dismiss it out of hand a few posts up based on … ?

the fact that he’s a gamer and not a pro cg modeller, programmer or renderfarm owner.

Why run linux if one of your main reasons in getting a computer is to run games and you already have a copy of xp?


Dan got a point…but…i think im getting professional…or im trying XD…Can we just dismiss the subject of linux…and get on with it?

i guess theres no more computer deals?

thanks to the people that helped anyway :smiley: