Finally, New Work #2 (Bronze)

This is the product of two things. A nightmare I had, and a music video I saw (Toxic). In the 21st century, many beautiful, famous women probably feel empowered, but it is fake, and the media simply uses and degrades them them to make a profit.
Classical Bronze statue at the hands of male-dominated corporate america… or just a really freaky image… :wink:

Great feel to this image. Just the right amount of lighting to get the feel as well. Good job.


Only one comment? Peoples getting quite lazy arond here.
So very good work… I think you shoud leave it as it is.
It’s realy VERY COOL :wink:

excellent lighting and colors.!


Oohh, excellent.

No crits here.


Oohh, excellent.
No crits here.

very nice, the pose and expression are both very well done :smiley:

Very well done. No crits from me!

Nicely done. Very disturbing feel to it, and I like how you made multiple hands of different sizes grabbing her in different places like that.

As a woman, I can tell you there are definitly days that feel like that. You have created a striking, realistic image of what it means to be a woman these days.

Well Im kinda touchy about the whole male dominance thing but the image is top notch.

Soap Box:
Do males dominate our society? Yes and No.

Yes: Often time women are promoted as objects rather than people. This is not really the fault of men but more the fault of men in cooperation with women. This in itself is one of my biggest petpeeves.

No: It seems to me that women can direct the thoughts and actions of many males through sex appeal. This is not true in all cases (afterall, how many times is something going to happen 100 percent of the time?!) but is certainly apparent.

So, men affect women, women affect men. I do not think that women are treated or looked upon as they should be in society, but I would hardly say that ‘man is the evil one.’

Woo! Feels good to get that off my chest.

Kick ass render. (big surprise there :wink: especaily since this render is from Nayman!)


I am in no way saying men are bad… you know, what with me BEING ONE! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehehe… just feel like certain men use certain women somtimes.

Anyhoo, I did model the hands, but the women is based on the mkae-human mesh… heavily modified of course…

And Dante, thanks, never thought of myself as one of the highly respected blender artists… like you.

nice indeed

Great job on the whole blendering. Lol, seems somewhat abstract on the idea. Hmmm, I might have had that kind of nightmare too. Shoot I think I would have another nightmare, not from this picture, but from BgDM’s avatar. Lol, something about it sends chills down my spine.

Jason Lin

whooo! Amazing work!

I don’t think it’s really a men/women issue, it’s a feeling of hopelessness which I have dreams that’s related but not this scary, very nice work on creating the emotion on this model you should submit it to the blender gallery.

that’s got to hurt! Me when seeing “toxic - britney spears” was thinking: hmmm, she must’ve payed for pretty good video editing & effects … well, al except the laser scene & the final birds which looked funky to me

By the way, Britney Spears is possing nude in playboy.