…her home was devasted long time ago and the last parts of nature she saw were just rotten trees… after a long journey she found the paradise, she only knows from narrations. Her home was devasted long time ago and the last parts of nature she saw were just rotten trees.
blender 2.62 cycles render (50 samples 45min [5,7k ]) postpro and textures done with gimp
german wip thread:

hope you like my newest rendering :slight_smile:

Great work man! Congrats!

Beatiful mood here, i love it.

Beautiful image! No crits here!

Great work.

As crits, the water tank has texturing problems, it deserved a painted texture for sure. And also, for the closeup area, some modeled stones/bricks would have been worth it, instead of relying on texturing.

But, great work, congratulations :).

Very good :slight_smile:

Beautiful scenery :0

Superb! 5*

The environment is great and really adds to the mood. My only crit is maybe add some worn/dirt to her clothes or backpack I think it would be a nice touch and would add more personality and belonging.

Great Work, The picture itself tells the story, the narration is not required i think.

Very nice! Wonderful ambient! Not completly realistic, but the light is very good!

I like everything exept the characters. I feel they are too stiff in the poses, and too clean.

When I´m hiking with my dog we inevitably get dirty. Both of us. Now she looks like a girl on her way to school.

Regarding poses I think she should have more weight on the fence, stretching towards her goal (the ocean?). And the dog standing with its body in the same direction as her (suggesting they have done this travel together, and that it is not a strange dog she just met), but turning its head towards her (and implying: is this it, is this our goal?).

Just a suggestion.
The rest of the image is great.

The mood is very nicely captured, and the lighting is quite impressive as well. Very nice piece of work.

Hey, after a short break i worked a bit on that image again. I added some more minor stuff (like grass and a blender newspaper :stuck_out_tongue: ) and fixed also a few things like the pose of the lady :wink:
Here is the finally final image of “finally…” :smiley: also four detailshots out of the 5,6k rendering!

as im only allowed to attach 3 images, here are the last two details :frowning: sorry for the double post, but i dont think i pushed the thread upward with that.

Beautiful image. Love the mood it conveys.