Find The Exit maze game demo (what the heck, I'll upload it anyway)

So I had three nice levels and thought, hey, I’ll just share this with the community

left and right arrows - turn
up and down arrows - go foward or back
w and s - tilt camera up or down
enter - shoot bullet (when you get the purple box)
space - jump
x - activate switch
NOTE: for these next keys to work, you need a new GE build (I put these in because they look fun)
y - prewitt filter
u - greyscale filter
t - deactivate filters

I had to cut the background music for the uploaded demo, then it would be too big.

NOTE: score doesn’t carry over from level to level, and this is just a demo, with the difficulty of the mazes it’s best to complete it one level at a time anyway.

I’m downloading right now…sounds cool.

I get errors while trying to access the page and I cant download it. Is there any way you can upload it to another site?

Strange, I just test downloaded it myself and it did work. Maybe try again.

Nevermind dude, it was my fault lol. I didnt know I had to click on the camera image to download it. Plus, at the top of the page I saw this:

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Anyway, your demo is pretty cool so far but I think the player walks too slowly. Also, you should vary the textures a bit between levels, and fix the stretching in some areas like the steps. Other than that it looks alright = )

This sounds interesting. I’m downloading now, and will edit when I play it.

Edit: Though there’s some problems, it’s pretty promising. My crits:

  1. Walking is way too slow.
  2. Better lighting is needed. You can’t see each individual stair as it currently stands, so it looks like you’re walking into a wall (going up that is).
  3. If you stop walking on the stairs, you fall down them. Bug?

Overall it’s a great start man :).

Falling down the stairs is how the physics engine works, I just use basic character physics here.

About walking too slow, I guess it could use a speedup, but since you got the .blend you could just raise the Dloc value in the player logic bricks (don’t change the slow walk labled bricks though, those are used to help keep the player from going through walls in the corners). Turning off ‘enable all frames’ keeps the player at a decent speed on my machine.

This is just a demo though, I just thought, what the heck, I have a nice demo, why not share it with the community.

Varying the textures can be easily done, and I’ve considered that for later levels, lighting was done to ensure constrast between sides.

Best way to go up the stairs is to go up while jumping (a little strange but I’m fine with it)