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Hi there!
Wow, I’m posting after looong time… :smiley:
Hope you will like my latest artwork…I finally found time to finish it.
Concept art was made some months ago.
It’s about a cute fox that lost his path but found his way thanks to his determination and strength.
I wrote bit of the story on my artstation >

hope you like it… cheers!
PS=any feedback about the clothing is welcome. :slight_smile:



wow i really like how oyu model it the same way it look in the concept art ,
i like the hair of the fox, i assume it took you a long time to create the hair system,
the colors of the fox are nice too,
i believe it would be even great with a background ,

can i ask how did you create fur ? coloring it is really another challenge

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Hi ! I had problems getting into the site, couldn’t answer to your message.
Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad you like the fox :slight_smile:

about the particle system: yes, it took a long time, I made alot of experiments before getting this result.
Mostly is a combo of hair length, children settings and particle edit (combing hair)

I will make a video about this soon! :slight_smile:

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You’re #featured, enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Congrats on being featured! Really love the character model. Always had a soft spot for animal characters :smiley:

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hi , its ok , the site stll in development
making a vid will be really awesome :slight_smile: looking foreword to it

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Thank you for the feature!
I’m truly happy you like it!


wow this is amazing. Id like to see other peoples process of modeling from sketches. I usually import the image as a plane and then create a plane and pretty much trace my sketch. I haven’t learned to work with particle systems for hair or figure out a good way to model clothes so any tips would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I think the fur could take some work to make it just a bit more natural. Like try using noise to give it a random hair pattern so that not every hair has the same color and also try color them along the hair. Maybe even change the mixing of transmissive and reflective fur shader along the hair. Also you should have some venes for the eyes now they look like porcelain.

But I really love the desig nand he looks pretty alive. Just love that little guy what a nice charakter.^^

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Nice job Mary, have you thought about rigging him? Helmet straps could be a little more floppy, just my opinion.

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Simple and cool !

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Yes, the fur could take more work, thanks for the tip about the noise! I will surely add that next time for my furry characters! :slight_smile:

Hi man! thanks! it’s rigged already! :slight_smile:
yes, the helmet could be more floppy, I gave that stiff look because I wanted to give it a feel like if the fox was moving his head toward the point. But not looking that way, maybe giving the straps more curves would have been better-! thanks for the feedback!

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“Yes! there is the lost city of Atlantis!!” exclaimed the fox.

I really loved it, especially the cloth texture.

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Thank you, Shashu! :slight_smile:

it is amazing

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