Finding a Workable and Functional Character for Animation

If there’s one thing I love more than modeling and sculpting human figures is modeling and sculpting human figures ready for animation. I fell in love with animation years ago long before I was able to build a proper human form to animate with in the first place.

There’s certain things that make working a human figure for stills and animations differ so much that one would call they’re kind opposite to each other, and they’re not very wrong about it. Things that look good for models in stills, will be ugly mess should they’re applied onto a model for animations. And things that make a model for animations good, will be abundant excess and mess that will very much useless when they’re applied to a model for stills.

Anyway enough with the talk, today I have finished a female head model, and here’s some pictures of her pulling faces.

And here’s some cheeky ones.

You’ve scrolled quite far to go down here, so as an extra, here’s some of her hair simulation.

Do you like what I do, or have thoughts about it? If you do, please let me know!

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