Finding actions in 2.5

here is a blend file
in it should be(as i was told) more than one action. yet in the dope sheet editor i see only the “idle” action. where are the other actions and how do i open/see/activate them?

any help would be appriciated

Select them from the Action Editor


Next to the magnifying glass, there is a button that resembles 3 dots next to the idle name. Click on that after you click on one bone on the rig. You gain access to the actions there.

Thanks for the image richard. thanks xero for pointing out that actions selecting is available only when selecting a bone.
i selected a bone and chose the desired action.

i couldnt know where the action selecting button is because my current screen is small.
i had to either maximize the current window(shift+space) or click the minimize manu button at the left to see it.

thanks for helping!

Where have they gone in 2.62?



@unkelben: Actions are found in the same place in 2.62. However there has been an important and far-reaching change in 2.6x – Actions no longer get “Fake User” enabled by default, so any Action unlinked from an armature or object without having Fake User enabled (the “F” button in the Action Editor menu bar) will have been deleted after the file is saved, closed and re-opened. So if Actions are missing, this may be the reason.

Ah! Thanks a lot