Finding advanced modeling Tutorials

Can someone direct me to some advanced modeling/topology tutorials. There is alot of advanced tutorials, but if the materials are advanced the modeling might not be. Therefore searching for advanced tutorials for topology can be hard. I dont actually think there are that many of them either.
So i thought i would see if someone could help me find it!

Maybe one of the best model tuts outthere

First off Paid or FREE?
I would recommend Udemy…( Black Friday Sale some as low as 9$ )
Or try CG Cookie their Paid or Free tutorials on YouTUBE…
I highly suggest you view @BlenderBob and his tutorials on YouTube!!
and because there are so many on Youtube a quick search for

Blender 2.8 Modeling Tutorials
will get you started and check the recommendations in the side bar!!

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He has good tutorials.

I have watched the cgcookie topology course, it is pretty good but i just want to see more examples i guess.
Blenderbob is on my to watch list.

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I have looked through some of the sugestions but i stil find myself searching. So allow me to update the thread slightly.

I guess what i am looking for tutorials where the tutor is modeling something complexed with dense topology. My problem is not related to spesific issues with spesific solutions, more like putting it together in a complexed mesh with topologic challenges (can i say that?) if you see what i mean?

I know there arent many of them but if you know some of them please link:)

I would say that rather for looking for tutorials, rather look for speed modeling videos.

MasterXeon1001 has some good videos on youtube for complex hard surface models. His profile on youtube is MX2 last i checked.

I have watched some of his videos, i also have hopscutter so i will invest some time in it. Looking for speed modeling videos is probably one of the better ideas. Thanks.

I’ve found these extremely useful.

The guy is very good and is using neat modelling tricks

I will check him out, thanks.

One of the best of tutorial for Blender with ShrinkWrap technique for adding details on curved surfaces with lowest poly count possible with preserving smooth normals.