Finding all N poles, E poles and OMG poles


Hopefully this is an easy one but my searching skills have failed me this time. I’ve found many interesting related articles and threads, and the Select -> Select All by Trait -> Select Faces by Sides tool, but so far I haven’t found a “Select Vertices by Sides” tool.

Does this tool exist out of the box? If so, please, tell me where! If not, how do you usually go about keeping track of and quickly identifying your N poles and E poles, and uncover any vertices with more than 5 edges? Or am I doing something fundamentally wrong in my modelling and should just be paying attention to Faces by Sides? :eek: It has been a while. :smiley:


select similar, amount of connected edges.

Aha! Thank you so much JA12. I was hoping this would be something simple. I’m not sure why I couldn’t find it though >.<

Thank you, I’ll mark this soved!