fine tria mesh in large poly mesh ?

Hi everyone

I got a mesh imported from a scan. It is a very high density mesh and I would like to get a final VERY coarse remesh, preserving the topolotgy, with large quad faces or more sided polygons (penta or hexa). No high accuracy is needed

The process has to be as quick/automatic as possible: I’m aware of the decimate modifier, but with that I get a good coarsening level but with a tria mesh which I tried to turn into QUAD with ALT J: I did not get rid of a lot of TRIAs…

do you have any suggestion? large HEXA would be great…
Retopo is not an option: too manual

to retopo:
place your vertex, or vertexes in front of your model, then press the button on the main header that looks like a magnet.
In the options to the immediate right of that button, set it to ‘face’.
more buttons will now appear just to the right. press the one that looks like a square in front of a circle.
you can retopo at this point. if you move the vertexes, they will snap to the model surface underneath.
but in order to see things better, you should go into object buttons >> display settings >> x-ray
then, in your 3D window, while in edit mode, press N for a whole new set of buttons, and find the one that says ‘hidden wire’ in the shading panel.

I need a static retopo of a scan with very coarse mesh in order to get a multi-faceted 3d printed re-modeling of an existing object.
Thing is I don’t like tria (decimate modifier result), I would love hexa or penta.

I know retopo techniques and as long as I need to do the thing a lot of times with a lot of object, I would like to not retopo every time… I wish I could push play and get it :slight_smile: