Finger Rigging Not Working Right

Hi everyone I’ve been trying for a while now to rig the finger on my hand properly but it’s not working as you can see:
It seems like a stupid problem and should be easy to fix but I’m not sure how to fix it. Can someone help me out. Thanks.


HangRig.blend (213 KB)

  1. for future reference this is a rigging/animation issue. :wink:

  2. make sure that each vertex group is only affected by one bone.
    (or where you need the feel to blend between 2 bones,
    make sure to make the weights 50% for both the bones on specific verts).

Hope this helps & welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

remove the finger verts from “HandR”

they are getting pulled by both bones at 100% (which means 50% by each)

Thanks to both of you for your help and waylow, having the fingers selected on HandR was the problem so thank you for helping me with that.:yes: