Finished arcade shooter game .. "An Escape From The Tunnel Of Death"

Hi all!

I’m posting the link to my first full game in blender … I havent made any menus or sound and the game cant be paused ( I never planned on these things earlier … noob me) …i am working on it now … the game ends when the final boss dies …
my website

Screens : (fixed)

Fill up the Q n A if you dont have time for a full review …



To extract the game you need to download both parts at the same location and run any one of the downloaded files to extract.

The blend file for non windows users:

Download .blend

Its an arcade style shooting game …

Reviews awaited!!!

um, I think this should be in the work in progress if your still not tottally done with the game :confused: Please ask a mod to move it :slight_smile:

Gameplay: I never got to thelast boss, but when I die, I have no idea what to do :confused: So, I just pressed esc, you should have a gameover screen and make it so I can restart the level :slight_smile:

Otherwise it’s a nice game! Good job!


you can press ‘r’ to restart … didnt you see a message when you die?? there has to be a message …

Oh I see, you forgot to pack all the textures! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just go into your .blend and go:
File -> External Data -> Pack Data and then make a new runtime or you can just send us the .blend because it’ll make it easier for all of us to play because only windows uses runtime and people such as I use linux more then windows :slight_smile:

I think you should have power ups to give you health because it’s really hard to beat the boss without dieing… Well for me at least :stuck_out_tongue:

screenshot link not working >:

You can get to screenshots via the Q and A link, but the screenshots link itself has an extra http (so it leads to

Thanks linkxgl!! I’ve packed all the textures … also, there was an issue on running the game on pcs which dont have python installed … so i included the python2.6 dll file along with the build … i hope nothing else is required …

also fixed broken links philman …

also @Linkxgl … there is a simple trick to beat the boss, keeping with the tradition of such of games … its pretty easy if you know how to kill it … ;D

lol, I know, I play zelda, but it’s soo hard for me to win! :frowning: I suck at all games, except puzzle games and adventure game, and I have bad hand-eye coordanation :confused: lol

Whenever you have problem like this then you must have to restart your level.For restart your level you press ‘Esc’,so that your level has been restarted.And if you want to pause the game i think like any other game you have press ‘space’ but i am not sure for this.According to me,in this problem you must have to follow to restart your level.
Thanks for sharing this information.

there is a key to restart ® and a key to quit(Q) …

… the game has a name now : “An Escape From The Tunnel Of Death”

…and the crowd goes wild :smiley: