Finished game - Overthrow: Free Linux/Win/OSX - Trailer included

Hey Everyone,

This is a game I first made in GameMaker years and years ago, using pre-rendered sprites from Blender 2.43.

I since remade it in Unity as a learning project (for unity) and then stalled finishing it before moving on to a bigger project. I have today decided to wrap it up and publish it free of charge (though you can pay a dollar or two if you want)

Anyway, without further ado, Overthrow is an action arcade game primarily for 2 players on the same machine. Ships race to break open capsules which release drones to help their attack. First player to die, loses!

Here’s an instructional trailer:

Here’s a download link for Linux, Windows, & OSX builds:

Have fun, and I’d love ay feedback :))

Daaaang, that looks really cool!

Looks like one awesome game!

By the way, if you’re running Linux you might have to install the 32-bit libs for libxcursor to get it to run.:slight_smile:

Sorry to spam the thread, but I can’t get the game to launch properly (on Linux). After installing lib32-libxcursor, the game launches. It crashes right after the Unity splash screen. Unfortunately, there’s no information in the terminal about the crash. It simply says “Aborted (core dumped)” :frowning:

Hey! Sorry about this, I put in the itch page that the linux build is untested but that certainly doesn’t mean I don’t care if it doesn’t work.

I gather from your post you cant give me more information about why its crashing?

I will try run virtualised build, what distro are you using?

Thank you, if you have any questions I am happy to answer

I’m using Arch Linux, so a virtual machine might not be practical.:stuck_out_tongue: I have Ubuntu 15.04 installed on another partition, I’ll see if the game launches form there.

EDIT: The game does work on Ubuntu 15.04. I need to find out why it doesn’t work on Arch though. My guess it that there’s a Unity related library that I’m missing.

This looks really cool!