Finished minigolf - Play Online

EDIT: Updated - Blender 2.6a. and fixed some tiny bugs
EDIT: Download link below the video.
EDIT: Added Play Station Portable version.

After a few months of learning, this is my first game ever, is a remake from “fuzzy’s world of miniature space golf”.

I created a PSP port using LUadev (by deviante).

The game has and arcade and practice mode and a jukebox.
BGE version uses GLSL materials with normal maps and real-time shadows so you’ll need a dual core to run it at 60 fps. (it works great in my I3 2.4 Ghz laptop).
PSP version should work on any PSP.

Music was converted from the original.

This is the BGE video and download link

Download .blend:

Tis is the PSP video and download link:

Mediafire: Fuzzy’s
Source: Here

There are surely a lot of bugs, but I’m finished with this game :D.

Just don’t shot very hard against walls if the ball is too close, and it’ll be ok.

Some PC BGE shots, Hope you like it :D.


Very good, I `liked the images, I hope you post the game!

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you know mills there are some bad games on this forum filled with comments and wow this is hte best, but when actually someone like you make sutch an awesome thing they simply dont leave a single comment, really I dont understand, your game is great, its very well done, look really fun the graphics are great, the musics fit, well, everything is great, but where are the comments?
Well you done great and I loved the game with your video, I really want to play it 5 stars.

Thanks a lot!!, but I’m not really the creator of this game… :evilgrin: it was pixel painters :).

Since I played the original in 1995 I wanted to make this remake, and I like it a lot!.. It looks like an VGA game in 3D :).
I even converted the music from its original adlib-midi (I had to add new instrument samples and repair some bad notes).

I had few comments because people don’t ussually like minigolf games… popular games are ussually first person shooters or sports games… which are a lot more difficult to make.

EDIT: your video is cool! I love the grass scene.

Brilliant re-make :slight_smile:

Nice game from just seeing the Video.

But there are a few drawbacks, Some background animations look 2D, and some objects just have a simple material no Gloss, Alpha, Spetacular appearence to it.

But great game, More than excellent considering it’s your first game.
Looks more like a commercial game, Thumps up from Me!


Nearly all background stuff is 2d, and some materials are just coloured, I wanted the game to look like VGA 256 colours, but I’ll add them some normal maps or something, just a few things. :cool:

I agree with all of you, sometimes it’s very weird! Recently i postet my first finished game (↓Signature↓) and :o… well i got 7 posts and the most were from myself!
Anyway, I really like your game espacially the style is awesome!

That actually looks like a true Game! Nothin’ for me gameplay-wise, but you have indeed done a great Job.

Oh my god! This is the first “serious game” I have seen in Blender Artists! Oh guys! The community goes up :smiley:

So , you will make it Free To Play or we need to purchase your game? :slight_smile:


I don’t think I can sell it. The original 2D was copyrighted… But pixel painters corporation is dead LOL.

I’ll post it here, free of course. I just have to make the ball not to go through some walls and that`s it.

Very nice little game! Especially for your first and just a few months of learning! Do kinda agree with Wentzel as far an the materials, but not to bad. I like, in the vid, how the saucer takes the ball, although I realize you probably got that from the game you based it off of. I’ll play it! :slight_smile:

It does look pretty professional and well-done. Interesting!

I uploaded my game after fixing some bugs, Link here and also in the first post.'

Hope you like it.

I couldn’t upload it to this page, I’ll try later.

AMAZING. Great work. Very good for a blender game. But it is kinda hard though. :smiley: I like the overall style. It’s all about the space. LOL. I think you deserve huge credit for making such a great game. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is hard! because the ball may fall, or get stuck, or … LOL.
The original was also very hard (the last holes) that’s why it had a practice option, to play the difficult holes many times and find out how to get to the hole :evilgrin:
The worm holes one is a bit anoying if you fall inside a hole… you are dead!

If you finish the game, you’ll just see a 8-bit style “end” screen, and the credits… LOL

thanks for that!!! Really awesome!

The mouse pointer was looking black in blender 2.6a, so I fixed it.

Download ink at the first thread.

I fixed some tiny bugs so that it works on blender 2.6 (some animatios are still jerky)

Updated video (the previous one was from an earlier versionof the game)

Download link at first post.