Finished my Alien on Earth Day


This is my first time doing detailed sculpting and I’m super happy with the results. All done in Blender 2.8. I used one of Daniel Bystedt’s creatures as reference and then took it in my own direction. Let me know what you guys think. :slight_smile:


Excellent work! (I could even see it as a character on The Orville.)
Are the holes in the neck for breathing?

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Thanks a lot, I’m glad you appreciate it. Haven’t watched The Orville yet, but now I’m intrigued. I wasn’t thinking too much about what those holes were for. Although, aesthetically they’re inspired by a rough memory of the breathing holes on the creatures in Avatar. So, maybe they are for breathing! That movie is really what got me interested in CG in the first place. It’d be a dream to work on a movie like that. Glad to be getting into it now!

Wow! Absolutely stunning. Tons of subtle details. Can’t wait to see it fully textured! I must admit though, I instantly thought of Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat). :wink:

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Awesomely creepy. I think a subtle, blurred background would be a nice addition.

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Thanks! It was so much fun working with all the little details. Learned a ton through the process too. I’m not sure if I’ll end up doing any more texture work on him, but maybe I’ll come back to him later. I was thinking this morning that he reminded me of a hairless cat with a smooshed face! I had to look up grumpy cat and yeah, definitely see the resemblance. :laughing:

I agree, maybe I’ll work on the scene some more soon.

I wonder if he’s GQ cover worthy on his home planet. I mean, look at those neck holes… he’s got to be a heart throb back home. I’m pretty sure he’s a ladies man… definitely seems comfortable in front of the camera.



I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Bart!

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