Finished Short

I´ve made this short all in blender for a company, explaining the company´s product on a client routine before vacation.

cool! did you made it all alone? …concept, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting and compositing?

The entire animation looks great. However, I have only one question. Why is the client the only person that doesn’t show any phonemes?
Sure I wasn’t able to under stand what was being said, but the other three people that were talking clearly showed phonemes in their speech.

Totally agree with XeroShadow. And as My3D I also wonder if you made it alone.

I really like the animation and rig when he pulls up his pants. If you have a hint on it please tell us :wink:

Yeah you guys, thank you for the replies, made it all alone.

@xeroshadow, unfortunelly, since I have to create all alone and the date to delivery was so close, I haven´t got the time to work on the client phonemes.

@buch, I´ve only create another bone that have an effect on the belly.

Since this was a short made for an account company here from brazil where do I work with JS primarly, I too think that the result, using only blender internal, turned out great.

Again thanks you guys and thanks to the blender foundation that make this complete platform.