Finishing Touches

I was thinking about teaching and learning, and creating something like yourself. For some reason, I picture these little guys living inside Blender, building all the things you ask behind the scenes. They finally decided to honor themselves for a change…

The picture links to a 1280x1024 version, suitable for screen backgrounding, if that’s your thing.

Now that is just great.

I enjoy it a lot! Pretty simple visually, But Still fun to look at

Very nice, though maybe the shadow buffers would look better with a Gauss Filter(looks like box now)

Overall, I love it.

Absolutely awesome. :slight_smile: The only thing I can see to really crit would be the doorways, and that they sort of lack definition, in my opinion. But other than that, great!

Haha, nice one and nice idea.

The overal simplicity in the style nicely propegates to all aspects of this scene.

Very nice :yes:! I love the reflections on the ground and the blue/orange shadows the statue casts, if you used AO maybe turn it up just a tiny bit :)!
Great Job!

Nice one, harkyman! I especially like how you’ve handled the brightness of this image and managed to get so many different expressions out of the figures.


I love the characters!

Indeed simple, but a fantastic concept harkyman. Well pulled off and well lit too.

Awesome stuff.


Cool concept, very well done - I’m left wondering why only the statue has a curved spine.

NOW i know what my PC is doing when that stupid hourglass is spinning around…

I love the pose of the father/son characters right in front of the statue. This piece really says a lot about human nature in my interpretation. Nice work, You get 5 stars for originality and the feeling behind your image = )

Wow this is great.I love the concept of it.The thought behind it is what intrests me the most.I love the human personality you gave to the little kid and his dad.Great job!5 stars from me!

I dig the concept man! simple but great :slight_smile:
Well done

Great stances of the characters! I think the small people blend in a little bit with the wall though.


While it may look simple, the piece is absolutely amazing. Each figure, even while lacking faces, expresses their emotion through their individual poses.

5 stars from me.

There’s a better render available – the one posted originally is kind of not too nice. This one was done at much higher resolution and run through the compositor for a tiny bit of Defocusing. Some light post-pro and color tuning in Photoshop.

1280x1024 Much nicer render.

Who do you have to kill to get into the gallery around here?


I like the clened up version better, your original looks like it has bad case of AO. Simplicity works veru well ith this one, I like how they all look so busy doing what ever they are doing.