FIP - Fun in Progress

Here is something that I want to share with you. Usually I’m not satisfied with a final results because I know that can be done better, but I have always fun with a progress. So I’ll start this thread with a progress of this different new stuff, your C&C will add some posts fuel :D. I hope you’ll have fun too …


Hey, good work on the expression and the details so far.

One crit. Assuming that’s a turtle (At least I /think/ that’s what it is) the shell should be somewhat larger, perhaps even outsized for his size, it’ll add to the comic effect and solidify that it is, indeed, a turtle.

Other than that, I dig it.


Thank you Taladan. Well, design for this model is one of the characters made by Miki Muster. His Hardy (Trdonja) has even smaller body & shell, so I’ll need to fix this in opposite direction. Also I’ll need to change colors on front side of the body. Hmm, I wonder if it’s possible to apply more than one UV map on a single mesh?


That is a pretty good design. But I also think that increasing the shell size might be a good idea.

Guys, don’t worry about a turtle shell size, I’ll make it smaller. Here is another project I’m stuck with. Anyone knows where to find tutorial ‘How to make a Cobra steering wheel’?


Quick concept sketch: Jealousy


These works sort of warrant their own threads. Don’t just pile work on one thread.

Well, I think it’s as good as Mickey Mouse. The shell size is just right, but I think the shoes need buckles.

I don’t see anything wrong with them posing their work in one post…

btw, i think the turtle needs pants…just my opinion.


I don’t see anything wrong with them posing their work in one post…

Thank you for care Nyth, but such singers wake up artistic push in my heart… :smiley:

I am impressed with Blenders new Mirror!! Amazing!!!


hehe, the first and last renders are well done and pretty funny. One note:
Mr. Saxophone’s dingle is hanging below the sign I assume is supposed to cover over the nether-regions (just an American expression folks, no offense intended)… Of course, you know what happens when you assume…
Nice work, the modelling looks very clean and the textures are great, lighting is good too, no crits here…

Sorry I’m not a native English speaker, so searching around the web for a word “dingle” I couldn’t found any logical connection with my artwork. Are you from Dingle?

This is what he meant, :wink:


First, no, I’m not from Dingle, Ireland. :smiley:
Second, ObiDean nailed it on the head. :wink:

Nice Saxophonist there. :slight_smile:

Eww! Just kidding, funny rendering

lol, the saxophonist is hilarious! :smiley: (the extra ‘detail’ is a bit overboard though :p)
the turtle is tight.

I like the car too, looks very clean - no clue on the accuracy towards that particular brand though.

love the sketch.

Ah, this is dingle?! But I’m confused now, dingle is a music note?! I didn’t know that. Strange, Wikipedia also doesn’t have this term on its disambiguation page. Anyway, here is '“dingle(?)” shown from backside:


Lol, maybe make it a different color…and make it stop hiding in such a…tender area…cough

They mean “dingle” as an euphism for “penis”, like wang, etc.