Fire like this?

Or this (fires at :21 and :26)

I’ve been trying to figure it out on my own but my computer isn’t fast enough for the trial-and-error approach. I need an idea what the settings are.

If there’s a secret to working fast with the smoke simulator (other than buying a supercomputer), that would help too.

For the second link - using billboards- they have a whole tutorial series starting here: for the first one , there are a number of other tutorials but I can think of a great one off the top of my head

Thanks, I’ll take a look at that.

Having a little trouble following along in 2.65. Here’s what I’ve got so far -

The billboards aren’t following the camera, and there’s a transparency problem. In the first tutorial there was a spot where he selects “the yellow alpha” in the texture channel. What is the equivalent in 2.65?

Here’s my .blend - Link

Solved those two problems.

How do you animate particle size (over the life of the particle)? Like NyrixCorp does in his tutorial, but in 2.65?

Hmm it looks like the ability to animate a particle’s size over its lifetime was lost with 2.5 and not restored as of 2.65. Am I wrong?

Here’s one from Blender Guru, I found it really helpful using the smoke sim.

I may be able to use the smoke sim for another shot. I think I will be able to get close to what I want with particles and nodes but it would help if someone could tell me how the “animate” texture in Nyrixcorp’s tutorial is supposed to make the particle shader fade in and out over the life of the particle. It works like a regular mask for me.