C&C Please

The fire looks great, but the smokes seems to sparse. also the smoke should have shades of gray in it. I like it though!

Fire looks good, but the smoke isnt nowhere near dense enough.

I added an extra shade of grey.And the smoke is denser now.It is hard to find some pics of wood burning and i don’t have an opportunity to try it by myself and take a photo right now.The Smoke location related to the flames and the size of it are totally done by trial and error and i guess it looks a bit exaggerated.If i have time and you lead me with your C&C i could improve it.

800*600 xvid encoded 279 KB avi:

Thats a hole lot better, but the center of the smoke is a bit too pale and is it possible to make it as dense as it is now but less opaque? So basically, more transparent, darker and just as dense.