Fire Sensor at Will?

Is it in any way possible to fire a sensor at will?

For example, if i have a Near sensor, but (for efficiency) only want to check it while the spacebar is being pressed, can i?

Thanks a bunch, Milton.

do you mean like the space bar AND near sensors have to be true?

you can put them both on an AND controller =P

No, i mean only CHECK the near IF the spacebar is true. For efficiency’s sake. Your method is constantly checking both.

Make logic like this:

Keyboard-Spacebar -----and--------Property space = True
keyboard-spacebar(inverted)------and------Property space = False

Near Sensor -----and-------Property near = True
Near Sensor (inverted)-----and----property near = False

Always sensor------expression: near = True && space = True -----------(your outcome(s) )

Hope this helps!

Again, i only want it to CHECK if i press space. What both of you suggested checks all the time, but only fires true if it is true. This is not what i want.

only thing I can think of is states. Sensors not belonging to a state are disabled. So when spacebar is pressed it changes state where the near sensor is.