fire test

Hi, I’m very new in here blenderartists, but I wanted to present my fire testing and here it is.

my fire video
please give constructive criticism.

my campfire

Looks awesome. Have you tried to enable vector blur?

looks great!, I think you spend time on getting this far!
it works fine but on what scene?, the fire comes out fast even from to much wind or an oil fire etc…
the black background shows the fire really good, will it work on the most scenes?
I personally like it, it may work as an oil fire or the end of gas pipe

does vector blur work with halos? But thank you for your comments. I dont know a scene where this would be, I just tried to make particles looking real fire insted of some orange stuff going on…
I might do a better version of this where the fire goes more like a campfire…

Nice fire!, Is that Suzanne’s head emitting the particles in the second video clip?

yes, it is is a screenshot of my node setup

wow. It looks awesome! Could you post .blend file please?

very good simulation. It is very good for a torch…5/5

How do I post a .blend?
If you tell me how to post a .blend, I will send it.

to post the .blend click the ‘manage attachments’ button below the text input box for a repply. so click reply, and scroll down a little, u’ll see the button

oh wahoo !

looks awesome ! It will be great to made a torch like fire :slight_smile:

@ armando123: Either what ipburbank said or upload it to and post link here.

Here’s the .blend file. It’s really simple but the point was to make fire, so it’s just a test.


Realistic fire.flame.blend (190 KB)

thank you for sharing Armando123 :wink:

Ooh, pretty! I like it, I might have to take some tricks from that node system and apply them to my extensive particle flames. I made flames with just textures that looked OK, so this should put the icing on the cake!

~the benefits of open source communities, Istvan.

Poor Suzanne : ( Nice fire. The first one looks too glassy, as if refracting bubbles are being emitted.

Very nice so far, it’s impressive. The next step could be working on how the tips of the flames “lick” in the air, and to add some little flying embers, along with a flickering light to place in a scene, so the fire will not look like a solid light.

Here’s my newest try at creating fire. It is more like a camp-fire and I’d like to know what it looks like in your opinion. C&C welcome!
The video:

and here’s the .blend:
P.S youtube eats quality quite a lot…

Cool looking fire.

just click on armando123_campfire.blend