Fire Witch


I made this piece based on the “Bone warrior girl” from my friend Thiago Baltar and it was a very nice challenge!

You can see his work and the original concept here:

More of my work here:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Impressive!! Did you sculpt her? very nice! The bones of the arms, I can’t seam to find out witch bones are, they don’t look very realistic, compare with her, and also the scull of the rhino is less realistic than the concept art, maybe your references were not good, because you have great sculpting skills!

Hi! I’m glad you liked it!

I did sculpt her but for the bones, I really didn’t Care so mutch about their reallistic shapes, maybe on the next one, with more time, my Focus for this piece was the composition and color scheme. For the skull I Just used a blueprint drawing I Found on the internet, I got interested on its shape and decided to use it but probably was not correct either… Well, thanks for the comment, I’ll Pay more attention to the accuracy next time ;D

Very cool. I like the concept and the skull you did.
The hairs however are far too thick and you could render with more sampling to avoid the noise on the skin.

Hell ya. It’s like one of those cave girls from Chrono Trigger made into HD 3D