Project started last saturday morning.
3986 polys so far

I’ll uvw map him next, he’s going in Q3A and UT, and maybe alot of other games.

Nice model, it totally kicks ass! He will look cool with textures.

He needs some spine “bones” running down his back… and a tail…

good work! what does a subsurf version look like?

Is this the one you’re modelling for the Polycount contest?

He definitly needs a bone running down his spine, it looks strange right now.

A tail would be nice looking, but seeing as it’s going in games, it would be a lot of extra work to get a tail in.


By the way you modelled it, I bet it would look even greater when subsurfed.

Subsurfed shots for yall, though the mesh is out of date there

At the moment i’m in the skinning process

And no, he won’t have a spiny back or tail, firebrand never had that.

very good job!
wait…you can smooth things in blender?! well that explains a lot…

We love firebrand, he’s the best gargoyle ever

Give him a hug

Awesome character, maybe use some smooth options, and an cool flying attack animation would be awesome. Keep working on it :smiley: