Firefly Story (Fan Art)


(MikeRed) #1

Goro Fujita is a really inspiration to us, because of that I decide to do a fan art of his wonderfull artwork called Firefly Story, thanks to artist like him we can recreate amazing worlds and characters. This projec wasmade in Blender, Zbrush and photoshop, hope you like it.

This is the original concept:

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(alf0) #2

wow so amazing !!!
i like the sparky light , and the cute look of the girl!!

(mookie3d) #3

That’s soo cute, amazing image!

(Jason van Gumster) #4

Psst… you’re #featured!

(MikeRed) #5

Thank you :smiley:

(özgür) #6

Great work, congrats.

(Grzegorz Jarmulski) #7

Awesome topology, colors and mood. I’m mirin’ :heart_eyes:

(micro26) #8

Beatiful scene!

(Christian Lipski) #9

I love the color palette and lighting, amazing work!

(troy_s) #10

It’s beautiful work @MikeRed.

My sole issue is how the skin tone is breaking down on her face, from her fleshy tone to yellow.

I would love to see a Filmic variant, or, if you used it, one with a grade with a little more restraint to keep her face together.

Beautiful work nonetheless.

(scatterbrain) #12

this is a heartwarming image. great job! i’m adding this to my favorite CG pics collection :slight_smile:

(rombout) #13

I like this image, its a bit old right? Ive seen this a long time ago. Still looks stunning