Hey everyone,

After some hours of general Blender practice I decided to start working on my first animation ‘Firefly’. A small and curious and color-adaptive firefly investigates a, for a long time abandoned, room where he looks at a paiting, pulls open a closet and drops a bucket with water etc.

What I’ve already done:

  • Created a room
  • Made the fly + light
  • Made a paiting
  • Made a simple path

What still has to be done (for now):

  • Adding a closet and some other furniture
  • Add a bucket with water
  • Improve the path (make it look more natural)
  • Camera movement
  • Sound at the end

Here are some youtube video’s of the scenes + tests I already made for this project0.

First path, character and light added (screenshot 1):

Fluid test (screenshot 2):

Added the wall and floor textures, added a paiting, updated the path and did some tests with the ‘adaptive’ lights (screenshot 3):

To be continued…