Firefox and Flash

I do not like auto updates because they take control of my computer at the most inopportune time. Like when I’m hurrying to work and turn on my computer to get some quick information. Windows needs to install updates before I can use it.
Now Firefox wants me to update Flash often. I do not understand this as what I thought was, Flash is used less and less? I do not know how to ask as I do not understand. Firefox will not load a little used plugin because it is out of date so often. Who cares? Why does Firefox care? I do not get crashes on Firefox.
Flash and H.264 ( If H.264 is the correct thing) One is a codec one is a program?
Well Im going to try to keep updates on my own schedule. But all Operating Systems, want you on Auto-update now?

Here is another thought about auto updates.
What if a man or group said to himself or themselves, “I want to hack. I will make a great software that people want, I will wait till it is popular. It will be auto updated. Then when so many have it, I will add the code to make it a spyware and it will auto update on everyone’s computer.” What can stop this? I say let someone else test updates.

Most of the time I’m at <100kbps broadband. Limited # server connection (<2, I guess). Auto update is my #1 enemy - can’t even browse when something else connecting. I have to kill BITS and all other updates and use Chromium or K-Meleon.

  1. Flash is still used all the time. Just change the Flash plugin setting to “Ask To Activate” and see how many websites are trying to display Flash content to you.

  2. Flash doesn’t actually update automatically with Firefox, you just get a notification and you need to install the update manually. If you use Chrome, Flash updates automatically with the browser itself.

  3. Almost all updates to Flash these days are security updates. If you have Flash content enabled, any website you visit can exploit known security vulnerabilities and take control of your system without you noticing. Sometimes it’s not the website itself, but rather malicious advertisements (which come in through third party advertising companies that can’t always check ads for exploits). The same is true for other plugins such as Java and for the browser itself. In fact, it’s true for practically any software that handles arbitrary input data, but browsers (and email clients) are particularly interesting for attackers.

Before worrying about auto-updates and privacy, you should worry about the security of your system. Don’t install software from sources you do not trust. Software companies might not fully respect your privacy, but they do have to obey the law. Attackers will neither respect your privacy nor obey the law. They might steal your identity or lock you out of your data in order to extort you.

Always activate is greyed out.
“If you have Flash content enabled, any website you visit can exploit known security vulnerabilities and take control of your system without you noticing”. Did I read that right? you said enabled? Not disabled?