FireFox Bogging Down System

I have been having trouble with my ( windows ) system bogging down lately, to the point where I have to restart every few mins. I finally found the culprit. It only happens when I use FireFox. When I don’t use it, it doesn’t happen. Anyone else experiencing this? I like Firefox, and for some reason, IE doesn’t work right with Vimeo’s site, which I use, so I would like to be able to resolve this. Any ideas? Should I just switch to GOOGLE Chrome, maybe?

flash does that to firefox sometimes on my machine. -then again, it’s not that new. Idk… maybe you have spyware. my advice; get the noscript addon, and another one called flashstop. -that way you don’t have to worry when you land on a flash-ad loaded page, or a site with badly coded or ineficient scripts which do the infinite loading nonsense :slight_smile:

I was thinking it might be flash related too…another possibility is a script that I think is called ‘plugin container’.

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