Fireworks and more

Hello everybody,

1/ I am offering simple job for someone who is able to make 30s - 60s of fireworks as showed in this tutorial(or better)
Condition is to make it using Cycles because of some features which internal render don’t have.

Please send me your offer and references via PM.

2/The point 1 should be demo for our customer. If everything is OK for him we are supposed to make about 30 minutes fx video. Naturally, we would like to continue cooperate with author of first job.

Have a nice day
Pavel Rihosek

PS: For your offers please bear in mind you are supposed to deliver prefabricate blender scene under given conditions (Cycles, Resolution, etc). We plan to make rendering using some render farm by ourselves.

Hello everybody,

I would like to thank all who participate in this request. Right now, it is over. Thank you once again and see you next time :slight_smile: